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CaseAssist Pre-Installed

CaseAssist is the state-of-the-art machine learning technology included in the Casepoint eDiscovery platform.


Get Started with Casepoint

Learns and suggests

as you review

Intelligent algorithms find interesting information fast.

Find relevant documents, people, and dates.

CaseAssist Features

Introduction to CaseAssist

How can CaseAssist help you make the decision to litigate or settle a case.

Dive In Without Drowning

Dive into the pool of evidence without drowning-- let intelligent algorithms find interesting information fast.

Minimum Input Maximum Output

Cues from your most minute activities trigger intelligent algorithms to suggest relevant people, documents, dates, & data.

Responsive Technology Responsive Finds

The first AI-based case evaluation system in eDiscovery that learns & suggests as you review.

Arrive at Results Intelligently & Efficiently

You've got an intelligent assistant to help form the story of your case. Ultimately, helping you decide whether to litigate or settle more efficiently.

How CaseAssist Works

A sneak peek of CaseAssist in action in Casepoint.


AI Pioneers Have A Big Advantage in eDiscovery

[Above the Law] Smart speakers were the “it” gift this past holiday season.


White paper: Artificial Intelligence in eDiscovery & Casepoint

The addition of Artificial Intelligence to eDiscovery makes finding intelligent connections efficient and easy. AI in eDiscovery doesn't stop at TAR 2.0.


How AI is transforming eDiscovery

Inspired applications of AI already touch many areas of our lives. Cars are using AI to learn how to drive themselves. Retail websites use it to suggest new products we might like...


Still Doing Linear Document Review?

eDiscovery has come a long way. Once used for reviewing scanned paper, modern eDiscovery technology is now capable of analyzing and categorizing millions of...


The firm will also enjoy a significant reduction in total cost of ownership by moving to Casepoint from Relativity. In total, Casepoint was the clear choice for our eDiscovery needs.

Kelly Roberts, Director of Litigation Technology Support, Stoel Rives LLP

We have been using Casepoint for two years. We could not be more happy with the product. Casepoint has been a wonderful resource. It is intuitive, user friendly, and broad-ranging in its capabilities.

Jenny Schwartz, Paralegal & Law Firm Administrator, Schwartz & Shaw PLLC

Casepoint turned our productions around quickly and accurately. They provided excellent training on the Casepoint platform.

Heidi Fessler, Partner, Barnes & Thornburg, LLP

The choice to switch to Casepoint from Relativity was clear to us. Casepoint’s functionality, ease-of-use, and focus on software innovation gives our attorneys and clients the best eDiscovery technology to support their matters.

Kelly Roberts, Director of Litigation Technology Support, Stoel Rives LLP

Casepoint team has been amazing- incredibly responsive to every request and even anticipating issues or questions and taking care of them proactively. Can’t say enough positive things thus far.

Jesse Keene, Senior Counsel, Peckar & Abramson, P.C.